Monday, June 7, 2010

How well do you know TwoDC?

In honor of... well... nothing in particular other than a generous donation to our blog, TwoDC is hosting a shamelessly self-promoting online scavenger hunt. The prize? A $40 gift certificate to any of CSN's 200+ websites where you can purchase everything from lighting to espresso machines to hammocks to fitness equipment. (A full list of stores is here) The challenge? Answer as many of the following questions as you can about B and J. The more questions you get right, the better your chances of winning.

Everything you need to know is contained somewhere in a previous post. Simply identify that post and leave a comment with the answer and a way to identify yourself. All correct answers left prior to Friday, June 11, 6pm EST will be put in a hat and drawn at random. We'll even throw in an extra entry for anyone who links to this post or re-tweets our announcement on Twitter.

Now for the questions:

"I've got 5 minutes for free stuff" Category
Where did B and J grow up?

"I'm a Google Master" Category
Where did B and J get the "best" mac & cheese?
Where did B and J get the "best" fried shrimp?
How did B and J use their dining points from OpenTable ?
Who is J's favorite jockey?
Where did B and J honeymoon?
What is J's favorite cupcake shop?
Which chef have B and J taken multiple cooking classes from?

"I share B and J's DNA" Category
What type of meat entree can B never seem to turn down?
What does B always seem to do when choosing what to order?
What herb is J not a fan of?
What musician does J share a birthday with?

Have fun and good luck!


Amy said...

I think I found at least one answer for each question. Thanks for the hunt!

Alix said...

1. 90210 (duh-nuh duh-nuh, duh-nuh duh-nuh)
2. The Peach Pit
3. The Peach Pit
4. Get gift certificates to eat at the Peach Pit
5. David Silver - he was skinny and little in the beginning!
6. The Beverly Hills Beach Club
7. The Peach Pit, since Nat decided to get in on the cupcake trend
8. Nat and Brandon (he worked at the Peach Pit, right?)
9. Ground beef shaped into a patty, aka a burger at the Peach Pit
10. Whatever Kelly recommends
11. Silver-antro (get it?)
12. Brandon and Brenda, cause they share a birthday too!

Bonus question: name J and B's favorite old show.
A: Saved by the Bell, obvi.