Monday, June 21, 2010


After the Pride Parade (see our thoughts here), we were in need of some grub. Not wanting to venture far from our viewing spot on P Street, we headed to Commissary. You might recognize the space as it formerly housed Merkado. Apparently Merkado's Latin/Asian fusion theme wasn't bringing in the big bucks, so the owners closed up shop and converted the space into Commissary, which has a coffehouse/cafe feel.

Some days all you want is a plain old burger. Well, that's what I got at Commissary. It was as basic as a burger gets: bun, beef, lettuce, tomato, onion. As you can see from one of the ugliest pictures to grace this blog, the burger was a bit over done. It wasn't that good but was what I needed after a lot of celebrating at the parade.

B had better luck with his prosciutto, gruyere, and arugula pizza. It was thin and light in the crust department, but bold in the flavor department. Not quite 2 Amy's (see here) but a solid pie.
Commissary wants to be "your neighborhood place" and if it was in our neighborhood we might be more likely to pop in for a drink or a casual meal. But, with all of the fun places opening in the Logan area, Commissary isn't going to be what brings us to this 'hood.

Second Thought from B

Commissary isn't exactly gourmet, but it isn't looking to be either. It is much more a place to refuel that anything else (after all, its name is synonymous with "dining hall"), and in that role, it succeeds. Therefore, anything more than something to quench your hunger is a bonus.

As J said, my pizza exceeded my modest expectations. It was a nice combination of mostly salty ingredients with some refreshing citrus, all on a well done crust. If anything, the flavors might have been too bold. Not everything needs to be turned up to 11, despite what our friends in Spinal Tap might say. Still, if your meal is more about visiting with friends and filling your stomach, you could do much worse.
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