Thursday, June 17, 2010

Capital Pride Parade

If you take anything away from this post, I hope it is this: you don't have to be gay to enjoy the Capital Pride Parade. It is a time to celebrate who we all are as people and as a community. J and I went to celebrate our friends and family who are gay, but perhaps even more so, to soak up one of the many colorful pieces of this city that makes it so unique. I love that we are not a homogeneous community. I love the different perspectives, backgrounds, and beliefs. And I love that so many in this town -whether I agree with them or not - strive to get involved and make a positive change in this world.

The LGBT movement has a lot to celebrate this year after gaining the right to marry in the District, and it showed. We were told that over 200 "floats" participated and as you might expect, their was no lack of diversity. Some groups were more obvious than others. For every Gay Men's Chorus (seen below and written about here), there was a "gay people who like historic cars" or a "gay people who live near Dulles" or a "gay people with dogs."

But understandably so, it was the more over-the-top folks (code for scantily clad) that stole the show.

And if you added song and dance to the bounty of flesh, all that much better on this day.

But no matter what was going on in the middle of the street, the thing that I''ll remember is the joy in the crowds. It really was a party that is perfectly named... Pride. I don't mean to get political (and maybe it isn't my place as a straight man to say this), but it was great to see so many people who have undoubtedly not had the easiest path in life be able to celebrate the very thing that has made things difficult for them.

I admire anyone who can take society's negative and make it a personal positive. For that, everyone celebrating on P St. should be very proud.

J Says

The Pride Parade is one of my favorite DC events. As B mentioned, the joy and community spirit felt among parade viewers and participants is palpable. We've also been spoiled the last couple of years by getting to watch the parade from a balcony perched above the route on P Street. Shouting and cheering as the performers attempt to throw plastic beads on the balcony is one of the best parts of the day.

The jubilation felt by those in attendance makes for one really amazing party that doesn't stop when the last float completes the route. Here's to hoping that the warm feelings evoked by Pride last throughout the year.

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