Wednesday, December 5, 2012

TaKorean at Union Market

Part 3 of our series "What To Eat At Union Market" (here's Part 1 and 2) takes us to TaKorean.  Like DC Empanadas, TaKorean is a DC food truck that has taken up permanent residence at the market.  Capitalizing on the Korean taco craze made famous by LA's Kogi Truck, TaKorean serves a variety of tacos with a Korean twist.

On this visit to Union Market, I ordered the bulgogi (beef) tacos topped with kimchi slaw, lime crema, sriracha and sesame seeds (hold the cilantro, please).  There is a lot going on in these tacos but it all works together surprisingly well.  If you're spice averse, you can order a milder slaw and leave off the sriracha.

TaKorean offers beef, chicken and carmelized tofu taco fillings and I can enthusiastically recommend the beef.  I tried the tofu from the truck once and found it to have a strange, almost anise-like flavor.  It wasn't my jam, but I do like that they have tofu as an option.  Since you can mix and match tacos, I'll likely give the tofu another go on our next visit to Union Market.  If I still don't love it, I know I'll have those awesome bulgogi tacos to comfort me.

Second Thoughts From B

As we learned in kindergarten, sharing is caring, and I'm happy to report that J cares about me.  That means I got two bites from her three TaKorean tacos.

You could take that one of two ways.  It is either "only two bites?" or "two whole bites!"  Having that I'm in the latter camp and thoroughly pleased that I was able to taste the wonders of Mexican-Korean Food Truck Fusion, you know those things were good.

Another way you could tell TaKorean knows what they are doing?  Soon after I took my second bite, they pulled a Keyser Soze and were gone.
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