Wednesday, November 14, 2012

DC Empanadas at Union Market

It took us a couple of months to make our way to the new (or newly revitalized and reopened) Union Market in Northeast DC, but it won't take us long to go back.  The bright and airy space isn't completely finished (more vendors are on their way), but there is a lot to love there now.

After cruising around the market and picking up some lamb sausage from Border Springs Farm and bison steaks from another purveyor, we followed our rumbling stomachs to DC Empanadas.  The duo behind DC Empanadas has been rolling the streets of DC in their blue food truck for a while but have now put down roots in Union Market.

The menu features an assortment of freshly fried empanadas for $3.50 each or 3 for $9.00.  These are bigger than the mini-emps at Panas and perhaps a tiny bit smaller than the jumbo-emps at Julia's.  I think they are the perfect size for tasting a couple of different flavors.

We tried the Speedy Gonzalez (a mild Cheese Empanada filled with Queso Blanco, Asadero Cheese and Mozzarella Cheese), El Matador (Chorizo, Potatoes and Spices) and the Daily Special "Pollo de Don Carlo" chicken in white wine sauce empanada.

Though they provide hot sauces for dipping, we found the empanadas to be stars on their own.  The crust is perfectly flaky and you can tell that a lot of love and effort goes into developing the flavors of the filling.   DC Empanadas just took first place in our empanada-loving hearts.

Second Thoughts from B

Who doesn't like fried food other than our doctors and our waistlines?  Seriously, who?  I feel like Jimmy Fallon asking that baby who doesn't like more cash in the Capital One commercials...  Unfortunately, unlike more cash, having more fried food has some serious downsides (so says the guy who works at the National Institutes of Health).  So if you're going to do it, do it right.

DC Empanadas makes it worth your while.  Not only are they beautiful on the inside, they are beautiful on the outside too.  Unlike other empanadas that treat their casing as a convenient transporter of meats and veggies, these golden pockets of joy could be eaten empty.  They are buttery and light and just the right thickness.  Of course it helps that they are fried to order and delivered piping hot (again, unlike other empanada vendors who choose the reheat or hot lamp routes).

I don't know if the food truck version of DC Empanadas can live up to the Union Market offering.  My stomach hopes so (and my waistline is worried).
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Adele said...

Fried to order? Sounds intriguing! I loved Union Market. Did you try Takorean?

J said...

I've had Takorean from the truck but not at Union Market. I ordered the tofu tacos which I wasn't wild about. Probably an ordering issue not a Takorean issue. I look forward to checking them out at Union Market. Can't wait to go back!