Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fast Gourmet

A few years ago we told you that the best fried chicken in the area is in a former gas station in Maryland.  Now we're here to tell you that some of the best sandwiches we've had are at a gas station in DC.

Fast Gourmet is tucked behind the service counter at the gas station at 14th and W streets NW.  You can't tell from the outside, but inside is an actual restaurant with lots of tables.

The menu runs the gamut from empanadas to rotisserie chicken to sandwiches.  I was eying the fish tacos special but they were sold out by the time we placed our late afternoon lunch takeout order. I scrambled to come up with something else and settled on a meatball sandwich with sweet potato fries and a steak and cheese sandwich with regular fries.

We were blown away by how much we enjoyed these sandwiches.  The bread was the perfect balance of toasty and moist, and the fillings tasted like someone put a lot of time and effort into seasoning the high-quality ingredients.  Our only complaint was that the sweet potato fries were really far on the sweet side.  Stick with the regular fries and you'll be happy.

Don't let the gas station exterior fool you.  Fast Gourmet is legitimately fast and gourmet.

Second Thoughts from B

I feel that locals are going to read this post and have one of two very different reactions:  "Duh!" and  "Huh?"

Some of you are familiar with, and therefore, probably frequent patrons of Fast Gourmet.  Our rave review will not come as a surprise.  You've known about this gem for years and while you like being in the know and seeing Fast Gourmet get a little love, you'd probably prefer it stay a relative secret.  After all, once the masses (or worse, the President) discover it, things usually change for the worse (see: Ray's Hell Burger).

On the other hand, you could be in the "Huh?" category.  Gas station food is usually a last resort of Slim Jims and bad coffee.  Sandwiches that aren't prepackaged mush are a revelation.  Sandwiches that are mouthwateringly good are mind blowing. 

So unless you reside in the White House, head over to the tastiest gas station in the District.  Regardless of which camp you come from, your "Duh!" or "Huh?" will quickly become an "Mmmmmm..."  On this election day, that's at least one thing that we can all agree on.
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Jean Claude said...

Whoa! This is right near my BOX where I WOD. I'll have to go here with my crossfit bros after a Fran WOD.