Thursday, August 23, 2012

Food Two Go: Philadelphia's Distrito

We're back from a fantastic European adventure full of great eats and wonderful scenery.  While we get settled back into DC life, we wanted to share one of our favorite recent road trip meals: Iron Chef Jose Garces' Distrito in Philadelphia.

We've been to two Garces restaurants now (Chifa and Distrito) and loved every dish.  Something about his way of combining a punch of bold flavors with a lighthanded touch just makes us giddy.  At Distrito, we got the pleasure of sitting in the coolest table in town (or the universe?): a classic VW Bug taxi that was turned into a booth.  Call ahead to ask for the taxi table and be the envy of every guest at the restaurant, especially the little kids.

The yellowfin tuna ceviche with serrano-coconut sauce and lime sorbet is the perfect summer dish. Light, refreshing, but smacks you in the tongue with a pop of spice and flavor.  We could have eaten 6 of these.

I'm usually disappointed and bored by flatbreads but this version with duck confit, manchego cream and tequila cherry escabeche was anything but boring.
I wanted to high five the kitchen for these flat iron steak and truffle potato tacos.  It was like if mashed potatoes, french fries, and high quality beef had a baby and wrapped it up in a tortilla swaddling blanket.  Weird?  Yes.  But, so delicious.

B saved his high fives for the lamb chops with smoked bacon atole and 3 chile BBQ sauce.  Even I, the lamb skeptic, was doing a happy dance over these.

We left Distrito smiling from ear to ear and plotting our next move in the Garces Restaurant Road Trip Adventure Game.  With 15 restaurants in 5 cities, we've got a lot of eating to do!

Second Thoughts from B

Let's be clear, TwoDC is not looking to become TwoPhilly.  It might just seem that way.  After a lull in posts, we write about a restaurant in Philadelphia?  What gives?

Here's the deal: J has spent several days a week in Philly for the last four months for work.  Needless to say, when your blog is centered around things you do together in DC, this presents a bit of a challenge.  I guess we'll have to work that into her next client's contract.

While we're at it, let's figure out a way to have more business dinners at Jose Garces restaurants.  Over the course of two meals and maybe 15 dishes (they are all small plates), I've yet to be disappointed.  With the expectations that comes with the title of Iron Chef, this is no small feat.

Each dish is constructed with purpose and every component serves a role in the flavor, texture, and appearance.  I can't say enough about the tremendous balance that he achieves.

So no, we're not trying to be TwoPhilly, but I can't say we're not tempted.  It would be a long commute, but if we could eat Chef Garces' masterpieces every day, it might just be worth it.
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