Monday, July 30, 2012

South China Restaurant

This is another one of those "We're out running errands, we're hungry, let's eat ASAP" restaurants.  We were heading toward the Potomac Yards Target and looking for a quick spot for a late lunch.  We had success last time we tried a restaurant in Del Ray (Taqueria Poblano), so we gave South China Restaurant a shot.  It's a no frills place with quick service, reasonable prices, and large portions.

We started with a delicious but utterly unphotogenic cup of hot and sour soup.  The sesame beef pictured below is definitely not diet friendly, but we liked it.  Let's just pretend that those pieces of steamed broccoli on the side offset the calories in the beef.

The house special crispy chow mein was such a massive portion that we took most of it home for lunch the next day.  I think it tasted even better on Day 2 as the sauce had a chance to soften up the crispy noodles and the flavors developed a bit more.

When you need quick and easy Chinese food, South China fits the bill.  If you need quick and easy Malaysian food, they do that too.  We didn't branch out into the Malaysian side of the menu so I guess we have a reason to head back to Del Ray.

Second Thoughts from B

This meal was about great gravy. This was stick to your bones gravy.  Thick and flavorful, there was nothing subtle about it.  It was Chinese comfort food on a plate.  A little gravy on some rice and I'm in heaven.

I love rice.  Let me say it again, I LOVE rice.  When finances were tight in grad school, a bowl of rice with some butter and salt was a rather satisfying alternative to a proper meal.  It wouldn't make the My Plate hall of fame, but it did the trick.

And while we're speaking of rice, have I told you about the old wives tale about eating all of your rice? If so, my apologies. If not, here you go.  Every time I ate Chinese food with my grandparents, my grandmother would remind me that every grain of rice that I left in my bowl would be a pock mark on my future bride.  In all my life, I can say confidently that I can't remember an occasion that I have left a speck of rice behind.  Whether you want to say that I'm obedient, superstitious, or just plain stubborn, J has clearly benefited from my dedication.

In addition to making me love rice, this wives tale made me very good with chopsticks.  After all, those last few grains are difficult to grab.  Which brings me back around to why I'm telling you all of this (I'm sure you were wondering).  When you love rice and when you feel a need to clean your bowl, having a thick gravy is key.  Not only does it add flavor, it is the perfect rice-catching glue at the end of your chopsticks.  Just a friendly tip for all of you single folks out there.  You're welcome.
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Anonymous said...

Re the "old wives tale"... My college roommate's mom (Chinese native) always told her that exact same story (except that it would apply to her future husband)! To this day I think of that whenever I use chopsticks to get every last grain (I think it DOES help with your chopstock skills). And, I have passed the story on to many others as well.

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