Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sabrina Fair - The Winner!

You may have noticed that J and I are glass half full people. We'd much rather talk about the good than harp on the bad. For example, an average play might have been a "nice cultural change of pace" or "set in a beautiful historic building."

Sabrina Fair at Ford's Theatre was no average play. Sure it was all of those other things, but the production and the story were also captivating and laugh out loud funny (for the younger readers, I lmao last night). Walking home, J and I couldn't stop talking about how pleasantly entertained we were. The cast was outstanding, especially Sabrina and the more veteran actors, and all possessed excellent comedic timing. While set in the 1950s, the dialogue remained fresh and poignant.

In short, Sabrina Fair is a winner. Speaking of winners, thanks to everyone who entered the drawing. You suggested some great DC hidden gems that we're eager to check out. We're happy to announce that Alix has won two free tickets to a Sunday performance of Sabrina Fair courtesy of Ford's Theatre. Congratulations! Send us an email for more information and enjoy Sabrina Fair.


Alix said...


Alix said...

I think a good hidden gem is the Spanish stairs in Kalorama ... where I got engaged and where I saw George Stephanapolis. In case you were interested in hearing more ...