Sunday, October 10, 2010

Monuments at Night

We are always pushing the idea of seeing the monuments at night, primarily because at that time they are less crowded and more beautiful. We'd like to introduce evidence A-F, taken on a beautiful fall night in one of the world's most beautiful cities.

World War II Memorial. Light, water, and great views of the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument.

Is there a better spot in DC?

Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Beautiful and haunting at the same time. One of my favorites.

Chances are that you're plenty familiar with the Lincoln Memorial, but we've climbed those famous steps often enough to prove that you can't get tired of it.

Korean War Veterans Memorial. Talk about haunting... here's your reminder of the terror of war. It is almost a shame not to see it at night.

And of course, the money shot. Just like you can't film a TV show or movie in DC without this picture, you can't live or visit without marveling at this breathtaking sight.

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Profess Photog said...

Great shots! What kind of tripod did you use?