Friday, November 20, 2009

Seventh Hill

A few months ago, we told you about Montmartre: a fun French restaurant on the Hill that our friends introduced us to. When we heard that the people behind Montmartre had purchased the space next door and turned it into a pizza place, we couldn't wait to check it out. Our Halloween walk on the Hill provided the perfect opportunity.

A word of warning: Seventh Hill is small! I expected a full sized restaurant but its more take-out size with a few tables inside and some on the patio. Even though it was raining, we grabbed a spot on the patio under the umbrellas because the tables were full. At Seventh Hill, you order at the counter and they bring your pizza to you.

The four of us split two pizzas. First up was the Seventh Street (prosciutto, parmesan, roasted red pepper, tomato).

We also tried the Navy Yard (tomato, toulouse sausage, oregano, pecorino). I think it's a cute touch that the pizzas are named after DC locales.

If you're a DC pizza lover, you might notice that these pizzas look a bit 2 Amys-like. That's a good thing in our book! Like 2 Amys, these pizzas are baked in a wood-fired oven. While Seventh Hill's pie was solid, it's not quite up to Amy level. The toppings were plentiful, but the crust lacked the chewiness that I love so much. It was good pizza, but not amazing pizza.

Since it was Halloween, we had to indulge in some sweets. We split the pumpkin panna cotta that was as smooth as silk and had a great Fall flavor. It was served in this quirky ceramic cup that was either a cool modern design or a ceramic factory mess up.

We couldn't turn down a chance to try out the Nutella calzone. It was massive and unique, but a bit messy and hard to eat. Not quite as portable as a crepe, but a similar concept.

While I think 2 Amys will remain our go-to pizza place, Seventh Hill is a good new option in a much more convenient location.

Second Thoughts from B

Yet another pizza joint has popped up in DC to wrestle for local foodie affection. In my most humble opinion, this just means another addition to the growing list of pizzas that are close, but not quite as good as 2 Amys. I'm sure Seventh Hill will be a popular destination for those on the Hill, and especially to those seeking a quick lunch during their time at Eastern Market. But for those on a quest for the best (doesn't that sound like a cheesy song or tag line from an 80's movie?), 2 Amys should be your first stop.

With that said, Seventh Hill has a lot more to offer than good pizza and an advantageous location. Specifically, the Nutella Calzone. The crispy sweet crust plus gobs of Nutella with a light dusting of powdered sugar equates to a heavenly indulgence worthy of any Halloween sweet treat. And don't forget the fact that it is the size of a small child either!
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