Monday, November 23, 2009

Pizza Movers & Calzones

Some nights you just want to sit in your PJs and order a pizza. When that urge strikes in downtown DC, your options outside of Pizza Hut or Dominos are kind of limited. After some time on Yelp, we found Pizza Movers & Calzones and decided to test drive their online ordering system. About 30 minutes later, the delivery guy arrived at our door with two hot pizzas.

Pizza Movers & Calzones has an online coupon that allows you to order one extra large pizza with two toppings and get a medium cheese pizza for only $1.99. For about twenty bucks, we had enough pizza to last days. It's no fun eating bad pizza once, not to mention for days in a row, so we were pleased that Pizza Movers' pizza was tasty.

We ordered half garlic/chicken/mushroom and half pineapple/sausage (above) and got the medium half cheese/half bacon (below) for $1.99. While this wasn't fancy pizza, it was just what I want in delivery pizza: not too much like cardboard, not too greasy, not too expensive, and not too slow.

If your delivery craving strikes late at night or early in the morning, fear not because Pizza Movers is open until 4 a.m. Sunday - Thursday or 5 a.m on Friday and Saturday. Before you reach for the phone and order below-average Domino's pizza (and get that weird cornmealy stuff that they put on their crust on your fingers) consider trying Pizza Movers instead. It's not going to be a life changing experience, but you don't have to leave your house and I won't tell if you wipe your greasy hands on your PJs...

Second Thoughts From B

The great pizza paradox of DC is that there are many very good, if not exceptional, pizza options (2 Amys, Matchbox, Pete's, Comet Ping Pong, to name a few), but none of them deliver, leaving the residents of this fair city without many at-home alternatives. So when the mood, or the need for a night in "cozy pants" calls, who can you turn to?

As J said, Pizza Movers & Calzones will not be featured any time soon on the Washington Post Express' Best Of series but it gives you exactly what you're looking for from a pizza delivery service. You won't find any of the fancy meats, cheeses, or other ingredients that you can't pronounce or identify on the menu. And you won't have creative combinations available to you, designed by an award winning chef. Here, you'll have to design your own pizza, which we did with moderate success. Either way, it was fast, fresh, and a great deal.

Growing up, pizza delivery meant thumbing through the Yellow Pages and picking up a telephone. This makes online ordering a somewhat foreign idea to me, but Pizza Movers & Calzones makes it as easy as possible. I think the best feature is the ability to craft your order around the available coupons. Unlike some online businesses that turn the use of a coupon into an online treasure hunt, these coupons are front and center. I don't know if a caveman could do it, but I'm sure my father could, and when the internet is involved, that is saying something.
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Anonymous said...

Do you know if they deliver to Penn Quarter? Love your blog!

B said...

According to their website, they deliver within 4 miles of their location (1618 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20007).