Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Co Co. Sala - going the extra mile

Sometimes it is the little things that mean the most. This is especially true in the cut-throat restaurant business. As we've said before, downtown DC is crowded with countless options, especially if you're looking for high-end food in a modern space.

Because of this abundance of culinary riches, J and I often opt for a new dining experience over a repeat of a past one. Only the truly memorable and outstanding make us regular customers. Co Co. Sala is one of those places that has made our list due to its parade of always interesting dishes. But the thing that makes a good restaurant great is often found at the top, with the management. In other words, it pays to care.

J and I have no illusions of grandeur with regard to our blog. We have no aspirations for it launching a second career or being an influential part of anyone's life, outside of our close friends and family. It is just a very minor blip in a universe of opinions on the internet. This makes it all that much more commendable that certain managers monitor what "the little people" are saying and in our case, spent the time to contact us. Whether our experience was positive (e.g., Sticky Fingers Bakery, Mr. Yogato) or not up to their normal high standards (e.g., Oceanaire), the dedication and desire to improve shown by each of these exceptional business owners makes us certain that they will succeed.

If leadership, energy, and vision has anything to do with success, Co Co. Sala is here to stay. In our opinion, and in the opinion of people who actually know something about the restaurant biz, Co Co. Sala would have been fine to rest on their laurels. However, the owners decided to invite all of their repeat customers, in addition to some of their harshest critics on Yelp, to a "Customer Appreciation Night" featuring free food and drink. Now you may say that they were buying loyalty and praise, and that could be the case. But we see it as a very savvy business move by a group that passionately loves their restaurant and the people that enjoy it... and it shows. Maybe not everyone is as enamored by Co Co. Sala as we are, and that is understandable. As they say, you can't please everyone. But you sure can try, and at Co Co. Sala, they do.
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Anonymous said...

Well it definitely worked!

They invited you, and you wrote about them again.

Smart move on their part to reach out to people who share their opinions.

sanjiv said...

They are genuinely good!! so well done, we want more coco sala's in DC.