Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sticky Fingers Bakery

Sticky Fingers Bakery is a unique find in DC. It is a vegan bakery that serves up fresh vegan cupcakes, pastries, and cakes in its Columbia Heights storefront. I'm not a vegan or a vegetarian, but I do appreciate places that strive to use natural ingredients and look for ways to cut down the saturated fat.

The interior of Sticky Fingers is overwhelmingly pink. There is a small seating area with wi-fi and a few tables scattered outside for the warmer days. In addition to the pastry case featuring cupcakes and sticky buns, there is a refrigerated section that has vegan snacks and meals. Sticky Fingers takes its vegan-ness (veganosity?) seriously and displays a small sign near the cash register asking patrons not to wear fur in the store.

I had to try the signature item: the Sticky Fingers Sticky Bun. The website advertises the buns as sticky sweet cinnamon buns that are cholesterol-free and low in saturated fat.

The sticky bun was deliciously light and non-greasy. It was like a Cinnabon without the 8.423 million pounds of butter and mystery grease. I loved the tiny chopped nuts on top and the light dusting of frosting. Yum!

B got an Everything Bagel that was so flavorful and interesting. I think it even had garlic on it. Sticky Fingers is a bare bones operation so you have to do the toasting yourself using the toaster on the counter near the silverware. I'm fine with that because you get to control the toastiness level.

Second Thoughts from B

I had heard rave reviews from some of my vegetarian friends about Sticky Fingers, but to be honest, how good could a bakery be without the use of butter, milk, or eggs? The answer to that question can be found here.

OK, so I cheated and got a bagel, which is inherently vegan. That being said, it might have been the best bagel I've ever had. When they say it is an everything bagel, they mean everything, especially the fresh garlic. For some it would be too strong but I loved it.

However, the true measure of this bakery's skills was through their sticky bun. Like I said, I was initially skeptical but after the first bite, I was sold. It was extremely light and doughy (maybe too doughy for some) with just enough flavor. It was the perfect sweet treat without the guilt.
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Rachel said...

Oh my gosh! This place looks so amazing!!! I just bought the cookbook Veganomicon and it is AWESOME! You guys should totally get it. I've made 4 of the recipes so far and they have all been amazing. Miss you!

doron said...

thanks for the love!