Monday, April 13, 2009


After reading Michael Pollan's book In Defense of Food, I became increasingly interested in finding local, organic food sources. Just about the time I finished the book, the Soupergirl (aka Sara Polon) came to my rescue.

The Soupergirl and her mom cook up two soups each week using fresh local ingredients. They offer a home delivery option (for a small fee) or you can pick up your soup at one of several local businesses that act as pick-up spots. We pick up our soup at our favorite yogurt shop Mr. Yogato. It's really a win-win for everyone. We get great soup and yogurt (can't go without getting fro-yo!), Mr. Yogato gets increased foot traffic, the Soupergirl sells soup, and local farmers benefit from her weekly ingredient purchases.

Soup, pita chips, and brownies can be ordered online each week. So far our favorite soup has been the "It's Amore Zuppa Barley Soup." I learn about the soup offerings in her Monday morning email and place my order by paying through PayPal. I appreciate that she lists out all of the ingredients so I can steer clear of my personal kryptonite (the dreaded cilantro - why must it be in everything!?). She also writes a witty paragraph explaining each soup.

The Soupergirl's slogan is "Fresh. Local. Good." Those are three words that I can get excited about and hope you can too. Happy slurping!

Second Thoughts from B

Some of the soup is very good and some is just ok, but all are a fantastically easy and cheap way to eat healthy, interesting meals on a weekly basis. That alone should be reason enough to give the Soupergirl a try.
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