Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hogs on the Hill

Does this sign look familiar?

If you're like us, you've probably passed the sign a zillion times heading down New York Avenue on your way to points north.  We finally decided to stop the car and see if "DC's Best Hickory Smoked Pit BBQ" is anything worth stopping for. 

Hogs on the Hill is a take-out only establishment with an uber-thick plexiglass window separating you from the cashier.  The hickory smoke smell was amazing and it's a good thing we liked it, because it followed us all the way home.  The menu is straightforward: BBQ and sides.

B ordered a half rack of pork ribs (I don't think they had any other kind of ribs).  They offer to keep the sauce on the side if you're one of those sauceless types.  Since we're a saucy pair, we asked them to slather it on.

I got a sampler plate with ribs, chicken, potato salad, mac n' cheese, and corn bread.  This massive amount of food was $9!

For about $20 and 10 minutes of our time, we got a ton of piping hot BBQ.  Yes, it was cheap and fast, but was it good?  I wouldn't say it was the best BBQ we've ever had and it likely wouldn't impress a bona fide BBQ expert, but it was solid.  The ribs fell right off the bone and we liked the slightly-sweet/slightly-tangy sauce.  I actually liked the chicken better than the ribs, but I'm a sucker for a tender BBQ chicken.  I've had better mac n' cheese, but the potato salad had a great vinegar bite to it.  If you're driving down New York Avenue and you're hungry, I'd venture to say that Hogs on the Hill is the best you're going to do.  Skip the Wendy's, McDonald's, and the Checkers (did you know that in CA the Checkers are called Rally's?) and make a turn onto Bladensburg Rd. for a pit stop for cheap and plentiful BBQ.

Second Thoughts from B

If you haven't seen the Hogs on the Hill sign "a zillion times" as J says, that must mean you've got your eyes on the road instead of craning your neck around for the latest and greatest option for lunch.  That's ok, we all have our roles in life and mine is to drive safely.  I guess that is what makes me and J a great team.  

So when J instructed me to take a sharp turn off our route and into a small parking lot behind a gas station, I was more than a bit curious.  Then I opened the car door and was hit with that wonderful smell of BBQ.  I immediately knew J had done well.

BBQ to me is about the BBQ.  You can have the potato salad, mac n' cheese, and corn bread.  While you're at it, keep the knife and fork too.  I want to bury myself in smoky, succulent meat that is falling off the bone with sauce that gets all over my hands and face.  It is a primal experience and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

This isn't a time to be dainty or proper or calorie conscious.  I don't want to analyze things Iron Chef-style.  I want to eat and be satisfied.  By that measure, Hogs on the Hill shined.  Quick, cheap, surprisingly friendly, satisfying, and delicious.  The smokiness that enveloped me in the parking lot was not lost on the ribs, and while J said the sauce wasn't the best she's ever had, I can't remember sauce that was much better.

J's job is to hunt down great eats and Hogs on the Hill proves that she's very good at it.  That makes my job easy.  All I have to do is follow her lead.  I'd suggest you do the same.
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Gabriel Bayley said...

Are they advertised as being baby back ribs, because the picture you took is clearly spare ribs. most think that baby backs are better, but spare ribs are the preferred rib of any grill master.

First time commenting, but long time reader as you have given excellent date ideas for me and my girlfriend.

B said...

Thanks for reading!

Looking back on the menu, they are listed at "BBQ Pork Ribs," but all I remember is that they hit the spot.