Friday, February 10, 2012

TwoDC Turns Three!

Happy 3rd Blogoversary to us! For 3 years we've been writing about our exploration of this wonderful, dynamic, and world-class city. We're happy to report that we've discovered exceptional food and culture that we'd label as simply the best. Not just the best of DC (which you can read about in this 2009 post), but the best we've ever had. So as a special birthday gift, here's a list of our favorite things in the whole wide world that just happen to be in DC.

B's Favorites

Peking Duck: I've had it in Chinatowns up and down California and in China itself, but I don't remember ever liking it as much as when we had it at Mark's Duck House.

Fried Shrimp: Tacklebox has elevated this Sizzler staple to fine dining.

Grits: Best grits ever were with jalapeno cheese at a friend's friend's friend's (not a typo) house in Atlanta. Best in a restaurant (both with shrimp) were found at Firefly and Art and Soul.

Burger: It doesn't get better than the New Jack Zing at Ray's Hell Burger. Not opinion. Fact.

Beet Salad: Canned beets made me think I hated beets. Hook made me love them.

Fish Tacos: Surfside not only brings San Diego east, it may have also bested the original.

Public Transportation: Being an LA kid, the Metro system, despite its flaws, is still a wonder. Twice a day I get to sit back and read the newspaper. That's how I see my commute. People like to complain about 10 minute single tracking delays. Try a commute that takes 2 hours in stop and go traffic over the course of 7 miles. Been there, done that. Just ask my therapist.

Free Stuff: Where else in the world can you do so much and spend so little? Museums filled with iconic art and historic artifacts... free. Monuments to great leaders or fallen heroes... free. Architectural wonders that are home to the debates and decisions that govern the country, and often times, the world... free. Lectures, tours, concerts, games, and even a couple of famous pandas... free.

J's Favorites

Mac n Cheese: I am a blue box girl through and through but Oohhs & Aahhs' mac n' cheese is the only stuff I've liked more than the classic.

Risotto Balls: I tried them in three different cities in Italy, and I still like Taylor Gourmet's Linkrisotto balls best.

French Fries: My all time favorite were McDonald's fries dipped in sweet and sour sauce. Brasserie Beck's frites dipped in curry mayo are a more respectable version of this guilty pleasure.

Fried Chicken: My Dad's Uncle Boyd makes the best fried chicken, but Kerrigan's Corner Deli (an unassuming looking gas station) is giving him a run for his money.

Recreational Activity: Flying trapeze at TSNY DC. Sure you can fly through the air in other cities, but the friends I've made make the DC location number one in my heart.

Noodles: Though the spicy noodle soup we ate for breakfast at our hotel in Cambodia still calls out to me, the classic ramen at Toki Underground just makes me giddy.

Walkable City: We've explored many of the world's cities on foot but we still love walking through DC. Walking to work, to the gym, to dinner, to a concert . . . I absolutely love it.

We have a blast sharing our DC adventures with you. Our tag line has always been "A new couple exploring a new city." We aren't exactly a new couple anymore (we've been married for 1637 days which is 22.74 Kim Kardashian marriages!) and DC isn't exactly a new city to us now (5 years in this transient town practically qualifies us for native status).

However, the tag line reminds us to keep looking at this city and each other with fresh eyes. Also, "A somewhat older couple exploring a city they've lived in for 5 years" just doesn't have as nice of a ring to it.

We look forward to another year of food, fun, and exploration. We love hearing your suggestions, so please, keep them coming! It reminds us that there are people out there who actually read this thing.

We're off to follow B's best advice: "Be a tourist in your hometown."

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bercolano23 said...

Great post! Will have to try Toki Underground after reading the link to that one. And Ray's Hell Burger ... ohmaagoodddd. Thanks for keeping me entertained bored outta my mind at work!