Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Liberty Tree

Continuing our tour of H Street NE restaurants, we paid a visit to Liberty Tree. Liberty Tree is named after the Sons of Liberty, "a secret organization of American patriots who originally gathered under a large elm tree in Boston to protest the Stamp Act in 1765."

While there were no elm trees under which we could gather, a Peroni umbrella on the side patio did the trick. We sipped summer cocktails while perusing the menu. The menu has a distinct New England vibe, but nothing particularly imaginative or interesting was jumping off the page at us.

The fish and chips (B) and lobster roll (J) were adequate, and I might even use the word "fantastic" to describe the balsamic brussel sprouts. Our friends were happy with the salad and pizza they ordered and we had a great time enjoying the beautiful weather on the patio.

Though it was a nice experience, there wasn't anything particularly memorable about it and, when you're in a neighborhood with such gems as Toki Underground or Granville Moore's, I can't think of a reason I'd go to Liberty Tree. Maybe if the wait was too long at the aforementioned favorites? Likely not. I'd probably head to Taylor Gourmet for a sandwich and risotto balls.

Second Thoughts from B

Liberty Tree is a bar that serves bar food. It isn't anything to write home about but it'll fill your stomach and go well with some suds.

Unfortunately, we arrived thinking this was more of a restaurant with a relaxed bar feel. Maybe that's our fault or maybe Liberty Tree is trying to be something it is not (the prices indicated that this may be the case). And if that's the criteria I should be using to judge this experience, the meal fell flat.

Here's what I remember from the evening: the company was lovely (we got to meet our friend's girlfriend for the first time!), it was rather dark after the sun went down (sorry for the lack of pictures), the brussel sprouts were good but forgettable, the fish and chips were not crisp or flavorful and still forgettable, and the bill didn't match the experience. In short, you can do better. After all, isn't that what freedom and liberty is all about?
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