Monday, August 15, 2011

Metrocurean's 5 Bites (times Two)

Last week, one of DC's best food sites, Metrocurean, featured us in their "5 Bites" feature (see here). As the title implies, these are our favorite dishes in DC. It was really hard to narrow it down to less than 100, much less 5, and our choices may change depending on the day of the week (so don't kill us that we failed to include BCB's Half Smoke). We tried to have some balance to our list (no duplicate items or restaurants) and pick things that we have made a special trip for, thereby eliminating some fantastic dishes from Minibar, Komi, and Adour, just to name a few. So without further waffling and rationalization, we present our 5 Bites:

Five Bites from B
  1. Negril fish tacos at Surfside
  2. Crispy shrimp at Tackle Box
  3. New Jack Zing burger at Ray's Hell Burger
  4. Garlic bread at Nando's Peri Peri
  5. Handroll bento box at Teaism

Five Bites from J

  1. Rocky's risotto balls at Taylor Gourmet
  2. Milky Way malt shake at Good Stuff Eatery
  3. Frites dipped in curry mayo at Brasserie Beck
  4. Two Amys pizza at 2Amys
  5. Strawberry cupcake at Baked and Wired

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Anonymous said...

I can't even begin to tell you how much I agree with your 5 bites. We're SO on the same page!