Wednesday, June 1, 2011

City Diner

City Diner was one of those places we'd driven by a zillion times but never stopped. Its prime location next to the Bailey's Crossroads REI means we're in the neighborhood approximately every three days (if B had his way).

We adore kitschy restaurants, so imagine our delight when we saw this:

Why yes that is an upside down hand planter above our table. High five! The restaurant was packed full of interesting items that made for an excellent game of I Spy. "I Spy a leprechaun riding a moped!"

To me, diners mean onion rings and other fried delicacies. So, while the menu was extensive (even featuring the same items on different pages with different prices), I zeroed in on the fried chicken basket. It wasn't in the same league as Kerrigan's. It was hardly even the same sport... akin to the guy who is barely hanging on to that roster spot on the Las Vegas 51s.

Because B loves to find random things on menus, he ordered the pizza burger. The interesting addition of marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese didn't lift this burger to allstar status but it was memorable for it's uniqueness.

City Diner is a good place to go for your next epic I Spy battle and an even better place to go if you're a "Breakfast Served All Day" junkie. For dinner? Eh. The next time we find ourselves in the neighborhood (maybe tomorrow given B's REI addiction) I'd probably try the pancakes.

Second Thoughts from B

Question: Do you like roadtrips for the journey at least as much as the destination? Do you stop to take a picture of the world's tallest thermometer, largest ball of twine, or a Greek restaurant in the middle of the desert between LA and Vegas? If your answer is yes, you're a lot like me and J.

City Diner is just as quirky as those other things but without the post-apocalyptic location. It isn't about the food, it is about all the things that surround the food... It is the home for the ultimate hodgepodge of disjointed party supply tchotchkes and tacky rest stop souvenirs. Around each corner another gem awaits. It is a monument to the white elephant gift. A temple of terrible purchases. A museum of things that shouldn't be in a museum. And most importantly, the perfect place for J and I to find a burger and a giggle.
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