Thursday, February 10, 2011

TwoDC Turns Two!

Two years ago today we started out on a journey to record our lives in DC and, just maybe, provide a couple of helpful tips to those who were new to DC like we were. After two years of posting, we've noticed some themes:
  1. We like to eat out. We've written about roughly 180 restaurants ranging from a gas station serving amazing fried chicken to the genius of Jose Andres' MiniBar.

  2. B likes to order lamb. I stopped counting at 16 posts.

  3. We have amazing friends. Budak, Matt, Alix, Victoria and many others have tolerated our photo taking and have joined us on our quest to find the next great meal.

  4. We love each other. After hundreds of posts, we're still giddy about sharing our next adventure together.

  5. We love DC. This blog has helped us discover so many amazing places and faces in DC. DC might not be where we grew up, but it's home now. (Parents in CA: stop crying, this is not our way of announcing that we're staying here forever).
We hope that if we keep writing, you'll keep reading. We'd love to know what you like and what you don't like about TwoDC and we'll promise to keep trying new places, trying to take better pictures, and trying to come up with new ways to describe a lamb dish. We also promise never to use the words "resto" or "ressie" or to call ourselves foodies or foodists. We've got a lot to see and eat in Year 3, let's go!

Second Thoughts From B

Happy blogoversary to us indeed. It is amazing how much this blog has given us over the last two years. While we hope to have shined a spotlight on many of the things that make DC such a wonderful place to work and live, the process has allowed us to truly embrace the idea of "being tourists in our hometown." By actively seeking out new experiences, we've stumbled across countless hidden gems that are ignored by life-long residents.

So, when J and I were brainstorming about how to best celebrate our second full year as cyberexplorers of the Nation's Capital, we turned to Ben's Chili Bowl. Clearly there is nothing hidden about this local culinary gem. But it is where a tourist would go, and they do have really tasty cake!

As I sat in Ben's back room with a hand covered in their famous chili, I encouraged J to jump right in (to the chili cheese fries that she loves so much) and get her fingers dirty. This has been our mantra throughout our time in DC and we hope we have inspired others to do the same. This is a rich city that is completely unique to any other place in the world. And like the bottom of Ben's red plastic baskets, you'll almost always be rewarded for digging a little deeper.


FrenchTwistDC said...

happy 2nd blogoversary!! I do love your blog, so looking forwards to more great posts!!

Amy W. said...

Happy 2nd birthday! It's been so fun to follow you guys on your DC adventures.

Anonymous said...

as a native, i like reading/hearing about how people who didn't grow up here view my beloved home. one request: it'd be nice if you posted pictures of yourselves. i'd like to see what you two people whom I don't know look like. cheers and keep up the good work.

Karena said...

yay! happy 2nd birthday! keep tasting your way through dc :) thanks to you guys, my list of places to try upon my return keeps growing!

Claudia said...

Your parents in California are not crying, but a bit worried... Keep in mind there are tons of great restaurants in Southern California too! (and Del Taco)

Victoria said...

Woo, blog shout out! I'm looking forward to more food as well. I have some Groupons piling up!