Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Eat Wonky

Upon our return from 2 weeks in Southeast Asia, we were craving something other than noodles and spring rolls. We were also dealing with mean cases of jetlag and not feeling up to sitting upright in a restaurant. Luckily, the Eat Wonky food truck saved the day and welcomed us back to DC in a tasty way.

While Eat Wonky was our first meal back in the U.S., it should be noted that the wonkification has its roots in the USA's tophat, Canada. The truck serves poutine which tastes a whole lot better than it sounds. It is a dish originating in Quebec that consists of fries, topped with cheese curds, covered in gravy. Ok that still sounds terrible, but trust us, it isn't.

Craving simplicity, I ordered the grilled cheese sandwich. One bite in and I knew this wasn't an average grilled cheese. For starters, the sandwich squeaks. Is there anything more fun than a squeaky sandwich? For those unfamiliar with eating cheese curds (probably everyone outside Canada and the midwest), they squeak when you bite into them. When cheese curds are grilled between slices of perfectly crusty bread and jazzed up with crushed red pepper, you get a squeaky, salty bundle of love. Sorry Big Cheese Truck, but the Eat Wonky grilled cheese is king.

Because poutine isn't dangerous enough for your health on its own, Eat Wonky serves it up on top of a hot dog. Even B, the master of eating messy stuff with his hands, admitted that this was a knife and fork job. From the bun to the squeaky cheese, this was an allstar dog and something completely different than your typical frank.

Eat Wonky was exactly what we needed to lift our spirits after a rough 45 hours of traveling. The cherry on top? The guy serving up the food was the nicest food truck guy we've encountered. Thanks for welcoming us home.

Second Thoughts from B

Move over Snap, Crackle, and Pop, you've just lost your monopoly on "talking" food. In Eat Wonky and their squeaky cheese, our Northern neighbors have introduced their greatest contribution to DC since hockey.

Never mind that it tastes good. This meals speaks to you. After culinary adventures in Vietnam and Cambodia that would make most squeal (fried insects, eel liver soup, durian ice cream, mud snails, pig knuckle soup), it was nice to eat something that elicited giggling rather than the "close your eyes and brace yourself" face.

I'm not advocating that Eat Wonky becomes your every day lunch stop (Surgeon General's warning: regular consumption of hot dogs covered in cheese curds, french fries, and gravy may turn you into John Candy). But for a special treat to welcome us back to the land of the overindulgent, we couldn't have done better. In other words, this was worth the calories.
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