Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Favorite Restaurants - Revisited

One of our first and most visited posts featured a list of our favorite restaurants. Not necessarily the best, but those that we found ourselves returning to. After all, what does "best" really mean? Rather than assuming that we are any kind of authority, we chose to list those places which won the "put your money where your mouth is" award.

As a refresher, here is the list from the original February 2009 post.
Since that post, loyal readers will testify that we've spent the last year and a half expanding our culinary experiences in DC. They'd also note that we often promise return trips to those places that we've enjoyed. But which restaurants were so good or so memorable that they pushed themselves into heavy rotation?
  • Good Stuff Eatery. While it may not be the very best burger in the world (here's looking at you Ray), when combined with a Milky Way shake and fries dipped in sriracha mayo, it is a contender for best burger joint in the world.
  • Kotobuki. No frills, just plain good sushi served up with a side of the Beatles' Anthology on loop.
  • Matchbox. It won't make our "best" list with all the superior pizza options around, but we've found ourselves waiting for a table on more than one occasion. Even if we don't know exactly why, something must be drawing us back.
  • Mitsitam. The best dining option on the Mall. Indian fry bread tacos with a view of a serene waterfall makes this our go-to spot for visiting museum-goers.
  • Nando's Peri Peri. Spicy chicken and our favorite garlic bread in town can cure whatever ails you.
  • Ping Pong Dim Sum. While definitely not traditional, the dim sum is surprisingly tasty and the killer happy hour deals at the bar can't be beat.
  • Surfside. We drool thinking of their tacos. The very best fish tacos outside (and maybe even including) Southern California. No? Then show us what is better.
  • Tackle Box. The new fangled lobster roll truck may be getting all the publicity, but don't forget the stellar rolls served up at Tacklebox. Add a side of fried shrimp served by the friendliest cashier in town.
  • Taylor Gourmet. They had me at risotto balls, but the sandwiches are great too. This place has fallen to the bottom of our "favorites" list as they had run out of bread and closed early the last couple times we attempted to eat there.

  • Zorba's. A welcome respite from the over-priced under-tasty options in the Dupont area. Big portions of reasonably priced Greek food keep us coming back.

We'd love to know what we're missing. Where are you a repeat customer?


Anonymous said...

RED ROCKS!!! Both Columbia Heights and Alexandria.

Antoinette Ego said...

I am with you on Nando's. Yum!
L'Enfant is another favorite. Low key and fun to hang out in -- I love both the bar inside and the patio with its new awning. Food is always pleasing, but the crepes (while pricey) are the outstanding dish.