Thursday, July 15, 2010

Meet Finnegan

Today we'd like to take the opportunity to introduce you to the third member of our family (ThreeDC?): Finnegan. When you live in a downtown highrise condo and work long hours, having a dog just isn't practical. I'm uber allergic to cats, won't get anywhere near reptiles (even in Petco), and outgrew my hamster phase about the same time I realized Jordan Knight of NKOTB wasn't actually dreamy. So, to fill my pet desire, B got me a betta fish friend named Finnegan.

Finnegan lives in a very posh Crate and Barrel bowl. When we first got him, the bowl was clear and when placed on a black shelf, we couldn't see him! So, B put his art skills to work and painted the back of the bowl so Finnegan's true beauty could be seen by all. When the water level is right, it's fun to watch him swim over the top of the doughnut hole.

Now I'm sure you're probably thinking that this is just a stupid $4 betta fish. You're also probably thinking that B and J ran out of post topics. Ok give us a break, we've been out of town! BUT, I'll have you know that Finnegan is the craziest, hungriest fish you'll ever meet. He goes nuts when his food is in sight and if he had his way, he'd eat an entire container of food in one sitting. A fish after my own heart.

Here he is showing off his best side:

If you're in the market for a pet, I highly recommend these lovely little fish. Every one of them deserves to be rescued from pet store plastic bowl hell and given a loving home. Do your part, rescue a beta today!

PS: RIP to my sister's betta Bluey Fish. You fought a good fight, even after all of your fins had fallen off. You will be missed.

Second Thoughts from B

This special insight into our lives has been brought to you by the letter F... as in, Finnegan is our Friendly Fish that we are Finally Featuring to Fill this space while we Find more Fine dining and Fun activities in our Favorite city.

Seriously though, there's no better urban pet than a Betta. Talk about no effort... All you need is a container, some food, and some water treatment chemical. Total package, less than $10. They are beautiful and active, and despite their delicate appearance, are very robust. Unlike many fish, they can tolerate a reasonably large range in temperature, don't require frequent water changes or regular feeding schedules, and in the wild, close relatives have been known to crawl across land or up trees (look it up!).

Sure you can't pet them or take them for walks but you also don't have to clean up after them, which is a big plus in my book. And if you could see how much fun one of us has talking to her fish, you'd see why we consider Finny a part of the family.


Victoria said...

I heart betta fish! I have had several, who have all come to various demises (poor Stanley Fish possibly ended his own life) but I have been meaning to get a new one. And Finnegan is a great name!

blunoz said...

Welcome Finnegan! I can attest to their resilience and how long they can survive out of water. The problem is, when your 9 and 6 year old sons want to carry him around in his bowl like a pet, and then accidentally drop said bowl and watch it bounce from the upstairs hallway down the stairs into the foyer. Crash. My wife let out a blood-curdling scream - I expected to find a dead body at the bottom of the stairs, but all I found instead was "Smokey" (my sons' beta fish) flopping on the floor amongst a bunch of pebbles, plastic decorative plants, and water.

If you want to carry Finnegan around to see the sights of DC, I recommend adopting the "What About Bob" method like Bill Murray carrying the fish with him everywhere he went in a glass jar hanging from a string around his neck. :-)

Anonymous said...

Your poor betta is in no better living conditions than the "pet store plastic bowl hell" in that tiny and completely inappropriate *bowl*. It would be nice if you research proper betta care on the internet and give him a good shot at survival. Bettas need a heater and thermometer with the temp set at 78-80 degrees. Please stop recommending them as a pet if you are not willing to research and support properly caring for them.

Anonymous said...

Bettas are tropical fish, not cold water fish. They need heat and a decent amount of water to swim in. They also need clean water. Would you want to swim in your own shit?
Posh indeed.....more like abuse. Gross.

Gabrielle said...

Like others before have said bettas are in fact tropical fish. He would also thrive in a bigger environment as wild bettas live in rice patties that are miles long. :) For advice and lots of people who would be willing to help you, without judgement and rude comments, visit

arturo said...

Its not your fault, its the fault of people who sold the fish, they need to explain proper way to take care of betta fish.. Poor thing died of fin-rot, no wonder living in such tiny space the water gets ammonia build up in matter of hours, its a slow death for betta fish to keep them in such tiny container. Betta fish can live at least 2-3 years and sometimes even 5 years if taken proper care. They need water temperature between 77-82F degrees, 3 gallons at least and a filter to clean the water. They also need varied diet, not just flakes, too many flakes will cause bloating and death.. They are very clever fish, they have good memory and when they are happy they will dance to greet you in the morning. I hope you will use those facts for your next betta fish pet!

PS: fin-rot can be treated with clean water and epsom salt, and you didn't know that fact either... the fish died of slow painful death, sorry.