Monday, March 8, 2010


I got a new breadmaker for Christmas (a post to come on that soon) and I went a little nuts with the baking. One night as B stared at my 15th loaf of bread, he just said "I need sushi." It was clear that we needed to get out of the kingdom 'o bread and enjoy the refreshing taste of sushi.

One of my favorite local bloggers, Karena at Run Beans Run, had recently eaten at Sakana in Dupont Circle. When B's sushi craving struck, I remembered her post and off we went.

Sakana is just what we like in a sushi place: no frills, no conveyor belts, and a wide assortment of nigiri and rolls using fish that screams "fresh!" instead of "last week!"

I'm willing to bet that every person reading this post has been to a place like Sakana, so I'm not going to go into great detail about the experience. We sat, we ordered using a pencil on a long strip of paper, we ate yummy rolls and nigiri, and we left happy.

One thing that is worth mentioning about Sakana is that you can add miso soup, salad, and ice cream to your meal for $6. It was fun to cap off the sushi feast with ginger (J) and green tea (B) ice cream.

I highly recommend the salmon nigiri. I'm not a huge salmon person but this was melt-in-your-mouth delicious. We ordered one "special" roll and while it was a lot bigger than the others, it was also $12. This was a little bit of a surprise since the rest of the roll prices were very reasonable and there was no price listed for the special. Next time, I'd stick to the normal-sized rolls because I'm not a fan of the awkward "I can't fit this in my mouth but I also can't really bite it in half" scenario that ensues when you try to eat a ginormo-roll. Just a heads up if you decide to dine here on a first date.

Second Thoughts From B

We've written about our love of sushi and our quest to find our go-to place which ended at Kotobuki (see post here). The only problem is that every time I suggest we go there, I get the obligatory, "it's all the way out in the Palisades" comment. Sometimes that's a deal breaker, sometimes not. On this night it was the former, and I'm kind of glad that it was.

I'm not saying that I have a new favorite, but I am saying that we've found a place that I'm looking forward to walking to. It really is cookie cutter inside, but the rice is fluffy and moist while the fish is fresh and plump (my deal breakers). And despite the $12 special roll - which to be fair was at least twice the size of a normal roll - it was reasonably priced, especially for Dupont.
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Alix said...

Y'all should come to Kyoto for sushi again! I'll go anytime, unless I'm pregnant ... so I'll go anytime in the next 5-10 years.

Alix said...

M has accused me of posting while drunk - you don't have to publish this one

J said...

Oh we published it! Gotta love all you can drink champagne at alumni events. Let's do Kyoto soon!

Karena said...

Yay! Glad you enjoyed it! It came down to Sakana and Kotobuki when Bmore friend came down...couldn't sell her on driving and parking in the Palisades! You'd think I was asking to go to VA! haha