Sunday, February 7, 2010

D.C.'s Historic Snowstorm of 2010

"Snowtorious B.I.G."

Call it what you want. It was big, it was white, and it certainly turned the city into a winter wonderland that made the ESOTC (Epic Snowstorm of the Century - see here, here, and here) look commonplace. J and I spent much of the day after the ESOTC wandering D.C., mostly down by the National Mall.

This time, we again enjoyed the storm's aftermath by grabbing the camera, strapping on the Yak Trax, and taking to the snow-covered streets. We stayed mostly along Massachusetts Avenue and focused on many of the lesser-known monuments that populate the city (we recommend this site for more info).

We hope you enjoy our photo journey of the "frozen tundra" (said in the NFL Films narrator's voice) of Washington, D.C. (In this case, the role of the frozen tundra is being played by K St. -normally a very busy business corridor).

Yak Trax are awesome but we couldn't help but envy this guy flying up 11th St. on cross country skis.

Either way, they're both better than any of the two-wheel drive options...

Speaking of travel, here's Union Station.

And one of the more drivable downtown streets that is still just a big, white walkway.

Site of the well-publicized Dupont snowball fight. Notice that the fountain and the steps are now no more than a snowy mound.

Thankfully, the fountain survived the battle.

Samuel Gompers looks like he endured a war...

Our favorite church with Edmund Burke in the foreground.

The historical relief sculpture at the base of the Daniel Webster statue.

Finally, after all of the end-of-the-world talk, it is good to know the storm has a sense of humor... (get it? Chile's founding father is chilly)

What did you do during Snowmageddon?


Alix said...

Great pics! I daydreamed about a day off and lunch at Teaism. And my dream came true!

Karena said...

I hung out in my kitchen all weekend (hooray for no work!), but I kinda wish I saw people skiing through the streets of dc! haha. awesome.

blunoz said...

I love your pictures from walking around DC and seeing the monuments covered in snow. Kinda makes me wish I COULD get into DC to walk around and see it myself.

As for us, my wife and I were both knocked out with a stomach bug and 102+ fevers on Saturday, so we banished the boys to the basement to play video games and watch TV and entertain themselves. Sunday it was shoveling, shoveling, and more shoveling, to dig ourselves out of our house.

Beth Oppenheim said...

Loved the snowpocalypse! I took part in the snowball fight (and also Dupont Hotel's $4 mulled wine and hot chocolate with Bailey's!)
Great pics!

RuninDC said...

Wonderful pics. I've added you to our Bloglist: