Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Steak 'n Egg Kitchen

We first stumbled upon this lovely little gem while visiting our favorite picture framer way up on Wisconsin Avenue in Tenleytown. Steak 'n Egg Kitchen consists of a tiny counter inside and a large patio outside. Though it was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, we opted for the inside seats because the host warned us that there were bees on the patio. Somebody I know is allergic to those little buggers.

We were not at all disappointed in our counter seats because it is the best place to sit and soak up the true character of the place. I like watching the cooks flip pancakes and cook eggs on the old griddle. The service here is efficient and friendly enough, but not overwhelmingly warm. It's a true diner in every sense of the word. The owners (Osman and Joe) came to the U.S. from civil war-torn Sierra Leone and they learned how to cook up a mean breakfast.

B ordered the Extra Thick Malt Waffle with a side of hashbrowns. It was the right combo of dense and fluffy and had a great vanilla flavor.

I had to try the pancakes with Reese's Pieces and also got an egg over medium on the side. The pancakes were just as I hoped they would be: peanut buttery and fluffy with an interesting crunch added by the candy coating of the Reese's Pieces. You can also get chocolate chips or M&Ms if you are (seriously weird and) not into the peanut butter thing. Now I know you are probably thinking that this is about the most unhealthy thing one could order for breakfast. To that I say it was Sunday brunch, I rode 27 miles on my (new!) bike the day before, and I drink spinach smoothies for breakfast during the week. The Reeses Pancake splurge was sooooo worth it.

If you're looking for a cheap and satisfying bite to eat at any hour of the day (they serve lunch and dinner, too!), pay Osman and Joe a visit at the Steak 'n Egg Kitchen. Fine dining it isn't but who needs $18 french toast when you can get $5 Reese's Pancakes?

Second Thoughts from B

Now that we're finally sharing meals together again, I'm happy to report one of the greatest hole-in-the-walls (actually it is a free standing building) that we've found in DC. The menu is extensive yet there's not one item on it that you couldn't make at home with 5 or so basic ingredients. There's something comforting about that. Nothing exotic, just real good eatin'.

It is true our "breakfast" was more like dessert but just like J is a sucker for anything with peanut butter, I can't lay off vanilla. You can be sure I'll double - if not triple - any recipe's allotment of vanilla extract... Knowing that, you can bet I was thrilled to taste all the vanilla-ey goodness of the Malt Waffle.

As a counterpoint to the sweetness of the waffle, I also enjoyed some hashbrowns. Starch + Oil + Heat = smiles all around. Add a little salt and pepper and... oops, I think I just drooled on my keyboard. All I can say is thank goodness we don't live closer to the Steak 'n Egg Kitchen because I wouldn't want my stomach to match the size of my cravings...
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Karena said...

I think that's the busiest I've ever seen Steak 'n Egg! Granted, we used to go there on the way home from a night out or the next morning ;) Either way, it manages to always fulfill that big, quick breakfast/diner craving :)

Dmbosstone said...

I went there last year with someone that lived in Tenleytown- not that bad!

Oscar Lippe said...

I've been a 'regular' at Steak n Eggs since 1984, when it was still a 'Company' store. A landmark of memories to say the least. I even 'invented' a burger for my puppy -DotCom- back when pets were still allowed. "The M&M Burger"
A Brazilian Burger with M&Ms added.