Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Teddy's BBQ at Nationals Park

All of 2 weeks ago we told you about Nationals Park (if you missed it, you can read the post here). But that was before our recent trip that involved a 1.5 hour rain delay and an opportunity to tour the stadium to see what we may have missed.

So what changed? Certainly not the team. (Although on a side note, kudos to them for finally signing Stephen Strasburg. Let's hope he breaks the trend of unimpressive pitchers who were drafted #1 overall. If history tells us that Andy Benes is the high water mark, this may not end well.)

But back to what has changed, and decidedly, for the better. The barbecue! Nationals Park opened its inaugural season in 2008 with Red, Hot, and Blue. J and I tried it last year but determined that there were better options. Apparently, too many people seemed to agree with our assessment. What we recently discovered is that Red, Hot, and Blue is gone but ever since June, Teddy's BBQ has now carved out a section behind center field to fill the void. Big improvement.

Remember watching the ending credits to the Flintstones when Fred orders the huge ribs that tip the car over? Well, that's what you get at Teddy's BBQ for $12. It may not be Brontosaurus (or if you want to get technical, Apatosaurus), but this is one arena where Teddy turns out to be the big winner. But aside from the sheer size of the so-called "Rough Rider," this beef rib is cooked and flavored perfectly. The rich, tangy BBQ sauce and smokiness is all noteworthy but the thing that you'll remember is how juicy it is. And if you don't remember, your hands will remind you because no amount of soap can get the flavors off of them after you pick up this beast.

There's also corn on the cob that is surprisingly cheap for ballpark food ($3.50), as well as brisket, pulled pork, and pulled chicken.

J Says

Teddy is terrible in the Presidents Race but an ace behind the BBQ. This isn't microwaved ballpark food. It actually is cooked for 24 hours in a huge smoker located right next to the cashier who serves your food. If you eat beef, the Rough Rider is the way to go. The brisket was a tad dry and just not as interesting as the mega rib that B got. If you're on a date with a special someone that you'd actually like to see again, you may want to skip Teddy's booth and try something a bit less messy. I couldn't help but giggle at the sight of us with BBQ sauce and corn all over our faces.

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