Friday, March 6, 2009

Crepes A-Go-Go

After a long week at work we wanted to take a walk and try a new place for dinner. We walked up to the Dupont Circle area to Crepes A-Go-Go. This creperie has two locations: Dupont Circle and Gaithersburg, MD (not to be confused with the Crepes A-Go-Go in Berkeley, CA).

The atmosphere is very casual. You place your order at the counter and they bring your crepes to your table. The cashier was very chatty and, when asked for recommendations, rattled off a list of a dozen of his favorite savory and sweet crepes. B and I each ordered one of his suggestions. I had a cheese, spinach, and mushroom crepe with monterey jack cheese. B had the sauteed chicken crepe with bell peppers, tomatoes, garlic, onions, and cheddar cheese. Both were cooked to perfection with a slightly crispy crepe shell and fresh ingredients inside. The spinach and mushrooms in my crepe were not drowned in butter which was a nice change from many other creperies I've tried. It was decadent without being greasy.

For dessert, B had the strawberry, kiwi, and honey crepe dusted with powdered sugar and served with a side of real whipped cream. I had a hard time choosing among the 52(!) different sweet crepes and ended up taking the cashier's suggestion and ordered the King Samm (Almond powder, banana, coconut, nutella, and whipped cream). This crepe was close to perfection. The crunch of the crepe and the coconut paired with the creaminess of the nutella and banana was excellent. If this is what France is like, I'm booking my plane ticket now.

I would highly recommend Crepes A-Go-Go for a casual night out on the town. It is moderately priced (crepes average $6) and the atmosphere is laid back and lacking the attitude of some creperies. If you're dining alone this is a good place to go as there was a wide variety of local newspapers available to read.

Second Thoughts from B

Whether you're new to crepes or an old veteran, there are two things that will jump out at you when going to Crepes A-Go-Go. The first is the endless menu. Sometimes this can make for a difficult time selecting your perfect combination, but as J mentioned, the staff is more than happy to guide you. The other thing is the quality of the ingredients. We ordered four different crepes which probably included 20+ different elements and each was fresh and prepared to let its individual flavor shine.
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